sexta-feira, 14 de dezembro de 2012

dia internacional da energia

World Energy Day is celebrated on 14th December to underscore the importance of energy consumption and its use in our day-to-day life, its scarcity and its impact on sustainability of global eco systems. It focuses attention on critical issues facing the future of mankind with respect to energy.

It is not only a day for reiterating past resolutions and taking but also an occasion for building up awareness regarding need for energy conservation, energy efficiency and frugality in energy use. Energy use is a major source of global warming, which has the potential of making the earth uninhabitable. World Energy Day aims at universal public awareness and participation to make it a global movement. This is of utmost importance for sustainable development and survival of mankind on Planet Earth. World Energy Day serves to spell a sense of urgency on the issues involved.

Reserves of all conventional forms of energy are fast depleting. Every day the human population across the world wakes up and uses energy for leading a civilized life. Energy resources are crucial input of human development which comprises providing adequate food, shelter, clothing, water, sanitation, medication, schooling, transportation, industrial applications, access to information, etc.

In short, energy affects all facets of activities related to modern life. Per capita energy consumption is often considered an important indicator of development. As people and nations progress, consumption of energy will increase. The most important source of energy is coal, petroleum products and nuclear energy popularly known as conventional sources of energy.